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Survival of the best fit.

No single shoe has ever offered all of the features found in Natural Step Shoes. These features have each been refined to be singularly effective so working together they ensure the most completely accommodative fit on the market today. Natural Step Shoes is generations ahead of its time. Why step back when you can walk boldly into the future.

The Only Truly Hand Sewn Moccasin
At Natural Step Shoes, we’ve developed the perfect formula for perfect fit. We select the world’s finest, most pliable, vegetable-tanned, pebble grain and calf skin leathers for every hand-sewn moccasin we make. We then design perfectly contoured lasts and the uppers are cut, shaped, and hand sewn on the mounted lasts. This powerful combination allows for the kind of fit that guarantees comfort.
An industry first, our line of moccasins offers the added benefit of an optional neoprene upper insert. This was created to further address the demands of the pedorthic market and to accommodate medical conditions including bunions, hammertoes, calcium deposits and more. It also offers an improved level of customized fit for the customer who suffers from swelling or edema. We’ve achieved all this without compromising on the attractive design of the shoes !
Custom Polyurethane Rocker Soles Sized for Every Width
We understand that one size does not fit all. That is why Natural Step Shoes developed another important feature.
We have designed a multi-density, polyurethane rocker outsole specifically made for each width. As pedorthists, we know that the best way to manage any condition of the foot is to control it. Our closed-cell construction is light-weight, has no memory so it will never compress. With our true out-flare wide sole design, every opportunity for optimum control and consistency has been incorporated. Feet in Natural Step shoes are stabilized from the ground up.
Padded Collar
Natural Step Shoes are soft and cushioned around the collar to eliminate any uncomfortable chafing, increase rear foot control and promote greater heel fit.
Leather-Lined Interiors

Our commitment to nature is demonstrated in all Natural Step shoes. We know that the best feel for the foot is achieved by a naturally soft interior. Besides using the best leathers on the outside, our interiors are also fully lined with fine, naturally tanned leathers.  The result is a place the feet can finally call home.

Speed Laces

These laces are easy to handle and fasten gently around the foot with no pressure. Velcro closures are also available to offer greater versatility.

Removable Foot Bed

We know better than anyone that customized comfort requires versatility. This is why Natural Step Shoe features a removable ¼” foot bed. This soft EVA material molds easily, allowing for modifications to help offload sensitive areas, particularly on the plantar aspect. When removed, they offer maximum depth, allowing custom appliances and orthotics to be accommodated.

Gel Pad Cushioning

The heel and the ball of the foot are the two most common trouble spots. Gel pads sealed into the forefoot and heel provide a multi-density layer for maximum comfort and consistency, remedying problems before they even start.

Width Options

We offer the greatest variety of widths narrow, medium, wide, and wide wide in our men’s and women’s shoes t accommodate the most difficult to fit.


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